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Tirta Empul Temple

Tirta Empul Temple

This Bali Tirta Empul temple is one of the most popular for tourist and also for Balinese. This temple is located at Tampak Siring village in Gianyar regency. This temple is built around the sacred spring at Tampak Siring village. For more than a thousand years, Balinese worshipers have been drawn to Tirta Empul Temple whose sacred spring is said to have been created by Indra. The tradition continues almost unchanged at the temple today. Over 1000 years old, the temple and its two bathing places have been used by the people for good health and prosperity because of the spring water’s curative powers most of Balinese come there when there is a ceremony at the temple.


Tirta Empul Temple was built in 960 AD according the inscription mentions when the king Chandrabhaga Singha Warmadewa ordered this which is already 1042 years ago. The myth described on a manuscript called Usana Bali says that, a Balinese arrogant king named Maya Denawa did not believe in god. After that the punishment for the king came. Bhatara Indra and his army or warrior arrived to attack Maya Denawa and try put him away from the throne. But that time Maya Denawa used chemical weapons causing all the warriors of Bhatara Indra were poisoned to dead. Seeing this, then Bhatara Indra planted his pole to the earth, and sprang water. Finally, this water was used to spray the dead warriors, and they back to alive. So, until now this water source is believed to be the source of life and prosperity. It is especially correct if we associate this water spring with the irrigation system around the area, as it gives hundreds of hectares of rice field from Tampaksiring until Pejeng, Blahbatuh area.

In 1945, the first president Soekarno built a house or presidential villa just at the west of the temple. It is originally a residence for Dutch officials, it was later used by former President Soekarno during his trips to Bali. Tampaksiring become known world widely because of this villa. When we arrive there, before entering the temple, they will provide sarong which is required to cover the half down of the body. And it is prohibited for a lady to enter the temple when they have their period.


Tirta Empul is one of the tourist destinations to the temple side which is very popular in Bali that we visit in the full day Kintamani Tour. To visit this temple, entrance ticket will be charged and sarong will be provided. The ticket price is 20.000 Rupiah each person.

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